Pillows to remember

Hi, this is Emiliana, I am the owner and designer of Cushions & More Studio. Trained and educated as a fashion designer and fashion marketeer, I worked in this sector for several years. From managing a large clothing manufacturing company, and designing it's collections, to creating my own company specialized in home furnishings, I felt that the turn from fashion design to interior design was a natural flow of things for me. They both require creativity, an eye for detail and craftsmanship.
In 2012 my country went through a financial crash. It was at that time when I thought my activities had to be broadened and become international so, that political issues locally would not affect my work. This is how and why this shop started out. An extension really to my textile activities which include window coverings, upholsteries and bedspreads.
I work and support Fair Trade standards. None of the three studios where we produce our goods employs minors, and our work conditions are decent and humane. The number of people working in our studios is between 7-9 depending on the seasons and the workload.
We buy and source our fabrics from very well known fabric suppliers, and I design each and every pillow, or pouf myself. I engage in quality control to ensure there are no faults on our orders, and I pack and ship all items personally. Even the post office personnel are now somewhat part of my team! That is how we like it. Personal and dedicated!
I must not omit the two cats part of this team. Bouloukos and Mami. They love our goods just as our customers do. I have made special floor pillows for them, so they won't attempt to lie down on yours when I am preparing them! We often shoot videos of them sleeping on our large working table when they think I am not looking!
This shop started out with 30 designs and now has almost 250 half of which are our "classics". We are adding fabrics, pillows and now dining ware on a weekly basis and a lot more is to come, that is for sure! Thank you to all who have supported me with your purchases so far, and thank you to all who take the time to read my bio and find out a bit more about us!

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